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Hedgecraft Resources

tarcilJul. 24th, 2006 11:44 am Planting

Since We're still having good weather around in sheffield, I've decided to try and start growing some of my own herbs (having known meroveus for a while now and taking an interest in herbs and things, inspired by such wonderful teas as lurg and sleepy). But I'm trying to work out what would be most useful to have around for the winter.

At the minute they're mostly things to cook with really (as i got the plants from a supermarket), (basil, chives, thyme and hopfully if it roots some rosemary), as well as some lemonbalm cuttings im hoping will sprout from my parents house.

does anyone have any suggestions of things that would be most useful (and practical) to grow, given that i have to do everything in pots (though they can be big pots)? and then where i can get the cuttings/seeds? I thought if i try soon then I should have a chance of the plants getting established (if not enough to use this year) before the cold weather starts


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feistydivawitchJul. 23rd, 2006 08:33 pm How do you get started??

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to say Hello and introduce myself. :O) I am a huge lover of Susan Weed, and I am currently reading her Wise Woman's herbal right now. I have a question for you all though. I love herbs, but I'm not very good at identifying them yet. How do you get started? I currently live in Bastrop, Texas and I would love to know how to identify some of the herbs I'm currently reading about. Any suggestions would be awesome! I'd just much rather get them for free, than paying for them at an herb store, ya know? *grins* Not only is it cheaper, but the herbs would be more fresh. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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yangmingJul. 22nd, 2006 08:30 pm

Do you keep any herbs/roots/seeds/fruits on you for personal protection or comfort?

I used to keep lavender in my shirt pockets. And for a long time I had a bergamot flower in a field vest pocket. Wild roses and rosemary are also favorites.

I'm more instinctual and intuitive rather than learned about the energetics of herbs or following a particular tradition at this point (although I will starting to learn chinese medicine herbology soon). I definitely feel drawn to certain plants and am starting my own plant collection.

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yangmingJul. 22nd, 2006 06:58 pm

I'm trying to figure out how to dry rosemary without it turning dark on me. Any ideas why this is happening and how to prevent it?

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