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malaikaskyeFeb. 28th, 2009 04:02 pm am i missing something?

Hi Everyone, I've never posted on here before so i'll introduce myself, My name is Malaika (ma-lay-ka), im 20 yrs old, been practicing and learning for 5 years now. I'm a solitary eclectic. Anything else you want to know you can ask, im not good at describing myself.

so i have a few questions for people that no matter where i look i can't seem to find an answer, i apologize if these questions have already been asked.

my first question/query is...actually its more of a statement, i don't know about everyone else, but i dont feel pagan enough, i dont know why this is but i don't feel like im being the best pagan i can be, and for 5 years worth of studying i don't feel like i know as much as i should, i think this is due in large part from not having a guide/line to teach me or follow, and so my learnings have been sporadic. i guess i expected to feel more pagan by now, i know that sounds wrong, but i mean i don't feel like what i expected to feel like. i guess its too hard to explain to people i don't know but im trying,

the second thing i want to ask is if anyone else is having problems doing the practice side of things due to limited time, interruptions etc, and how do you work with this problem?

thanks so much for your time

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owie_myheartAug. 19th, 2008 06:48 pm new girl

thanks for accepting me, so im really starting to get in to herbalism and holistic/ and raw foods ect...

but i have a biggg quesiton..........

Its my last year of highschool...to help me further in these topics of study...


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azzureastheskyAug. 18th, 2008 12:36 pm

I feel the need (finally - it has been years!) to concoct something to protect my home. I have been robbed 3 times - by friends who have serious problems.
i don't follow recipes. i use what i have or can get easily. so does anyone know of any herbs, spices, leaves, etc. that would work to protect my house from intrusions and also help heal my friends?

The following is what i have come up with so far.
Cinnamon - purification
Clover Flowers - personal
Eucalyptus- personal, after contact with evil
Possibly steeped in a white vinegar "tea" so i can anoint various parts of my house.

Any suggestions, ingredients etc. are extremely appreciated.

This will be cross-posted. So, sorry if you see it again somewhere.

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dibeartachAug. 13th, 2008 04:00 pm Onion

Has anyone found any uses in herbal magic for onion skins? That just popped into my head recently and I have no idea why.

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lyghtJun. 4th, 2007 07:59 pm Lavender


Hullo! I'm just getting into making up my own, er, "potions." Basically rum infusions of various sorts at this point. One of the things I made up was about 300 ml of lavender rum, which turned out pretty strong. It's pretty good for mixing with the other flavors, but I was wondering how much is likely to be too much to drink in a sitting.

I know lavender is considered medicinal and tinctures are used for depression. My infusion was not nearly as strong as a tincture. I had maybe 5-10 grams of leaves in the mix, which as I have gathered is also not the part that people usually use. Any reason I should be worried about this? I pretty much grew the plant myself, pesticide-free, after buying it as a seedling.

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tithenaiNov. 29th, 2006 05:04 pm Samhain in Glastonbury


I just thought I'd ask -- did anyone on this list attend a Samhain party/ritual at the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury this year? I live in Ottawa, Canada, and I know it's a complete longshot, but I thought I'd check and see... I'm trying to find someone I spoke to very, very briefly.


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tarcilAug. 7th, 2006 11:44 am

after the wedding i went ot on saturday, we were given little packets of forget-me-not seeds to plant in memory. Its got me wanting to grow some more useful plants (as my lemon balm and rosemary cuttings seem to have given up, and i managed to get a lavendar plant)

anyone got any suggestions on where to go for seeds or plants in sheffield? Im not quite sure what im after yet, but i was intending to check books for what might be useful (and might have a chance tnis late in the year.). Im thinking plants may be better this late in the year, and i can repot them to give them a chnce to grow. Im not expecting anything to grow to anyhing useful till next year but i thought id start now.

also, for the ones i have so far, i've been using gravel (for drainage), then vermiculte (to retain water since the weather has been so hot) and then compost (they are all in pots). anyone got any better suggestions?

and any suggestiions to help what seems like a struggling immune system? I have some echinacea, but im not sure what else to use. I have had a suggestion it may be related to chronic fatigue (which im hoping is wrong. its not something i want but there wasnt anything physically wrong), so i thought things to combat that may be useful as well, just to see if they work.

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huswyfJul. 29th, 2006 04:46 pm Hello and berries.

Hello All

I've recently joined this community and have some questions about berries.

It looks like this year is going to be a bumper year for berries.  The rowan in our garden is laden with berries, so much so that the weight of them is bending the branches.  Blackberries seem to be in abundance on both wild and cultivated brambles so I'm thinking of doing some preserving.  

We don't tend to get through much jam so that isn't my first choice.  I'm interested in drying, freezing and possibly making fruit leathers and wondered if people here had any experience with the latter.


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andradJul. 26th, 2006 10:16 am Love Charms

Hello i was wondering if anyone knew of any herbs or charms i could make to give as a gift to a guy i am dating and rather like. I know he doesnt really understand anything about herbs and paganism but i want him to understand a little more and i thought maybe a love charm or something of the sort would help and also help us! lol Thanks in advance!

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the_old_soulJul. 24th, 2006 10:56 pm Calling

I'm needing some help with a simple folk magick-ish charm. This is not the stuff of ceremonial high magick, but a simple human-based charm I'm needing some correspondences for.
Now, I need anything that attracts. Any correspondence you can think of be it stones and crystals, herbs, ritual practices, times of the day/week/moon, colours, foods, or anything else. Anything with an association of calling, summoning, drawing, attracting, caressing.
The second part of this however is it is attracting a person. I don't mean this to be in any way a "love spell." I'm simply looking to attract this person to me, to remember me, and allow them to make their own decision. The perspective from my part is my interest in them as a person.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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